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[New York] Kum Gang San

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Kum Gang San

49 West 32nd Street
New York, NY 10001

Category: Korean

Kum Gang San

I say this Korean restaurant is awesome because it is open 24/7. Located in New York’s Korean Town.

They claim themselves to have the #1 BBQ in New York.

This place is gigantic – two floors and it even has live music.

They use this to bring the bill upstairs from downstairs.

Now let’s check out their menu.

Bi bim bap, a signature korean dish that is served with warm rice topped with meat, vegetables and an egg.

But the restaurant also offers their so called World famous Jeonju style Bibimbap. It has 26 DIFFERENT vegetables!

Pretty amazing eh? Unfortunately I did not order it…

What I ordered was the original Bi Bim Bap; very original.

The table.

Most Korean restaurants give out free and refillable appetizers. I enjoyed their kimchi and sweet potatoes.

Another shot of the appetizers.

My bibimbap, which is my favourite Korean signature dish.

When I can’t decide what to order, I usually just pick bibimbap.

After stirring up all the food. It looks almost like fried rice.

This one is called busut jungol in Korean. Pretty much it has mushrooms, beef and vegetables in hot pot soup. I guess you can call it Mushroom Stew.

It was really good.

This is called son doo boo jigae also known as Spicy Soft Tofu Stew. Too spicy for me.

This is called jun bok jook in Korean. Also known as rice porridge. It was mediocre in my opinion.

Now there’s more to the restaurant than just these dishes.

If you’re ever around the area, go to this place since it is open 24 hours 😀

Kum Gang San on Urbanspoon


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