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[New York] Wu Liang Ye

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Wu Liang Ye

36 W 48th St
New York 10036

Category: Chinese

Wu Liang Ye is a Chinese Sichuan restaurant located in Midtown New York.

As you walk in, you will see the store surrounded by newspapers and poster reviews.

Pretty impressed by their popularity.

Another slick menu. Love the Asian typography.

There were a lot of people during lunch. We had to stand for 30 mins.

Perhaps making a reservation would be a smart move.

Nothing special, the usual cutlery in a Chinese restaurant.

This is known as sour & spicy Soup or hot & sour Soup. A very popular type of soup in Sichuan, China.

Asian style beef noodles. My favourite type of noodles, however, this one was spicy as most Sichuan specialties are.

Veggies again. Always have your daily veggies.

Stewed spareribs tasted so goood. I would say it was the best out of all.

Again, only come to Wu Liang Ye if you can handle spice.

Another good place to go to in the west Midtown area of New York.

Wu Liang Ye on Urbanspoon


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