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[Toronto] Sassafraz

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100 Cumberland Street
Toronto, ON M5R 1A6

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Happy New Year! First day of 2012 so I’m going to make this post awesome.

Sassafraz, located in the heart of Yorkville, Toronto. French inspired Canadian cuisine.

I just had this for dinner on New Year’s Eve. 😀

It had a very personal, romantic and noir ambiance.

But…their special menu was pricey. $99 per person. You must be thinking…are you kidding me?

Read on to see this very expensive dinner.

The 2012 New Years Menu included an appetizer, an entree and a dessert.

My selection was the cornish hen with duck inside 🙂

The others had bass, scallop and steak.

French bread with butter.

2 to 3 baskets worth of bread is dandy.

First plate. Chef’s little treat features golden beet with goat cheese and maple syrup. Pretty awesome!

My appetizer.

Yellowfin tuna with the potatoes. My favourite appetizer of the night.

It also came with black olive and artichoke hearts.

Another shot of this delicious tuna. The meat was soft enough to melt. No joke.

My sister’s oyster soup.

Liked it because it wasn’t too creamy like most western soup.

However, it wasn’t hot enough in my opinion.

Another appetizer was the green salad with shaved sheep milk cheese. Simply elegant.

Last appetizer was the terrine of foie gras, which is known as duck in English. Accompanied by bread, raspberry saucer and jelly.

My entree; cornish hen with duck.

White beans with sauce cote d’azure was delicious. The veggies were warm enough.

The beef; very tender and it was cooked medium, however, it had an odd taste to it. Hard to explain…

Nonetheless, it came with creamed spinach and lobster raviloi.

Decorated nicely and it also had three tomatoes and french truffle.

Can’t go wrong with the steak.

Next up is the porcini crusted scallops on acorn squash risotto.

Risotto is creamy rice in Italian.

Seafood lovers, pick this one.

The last entree.

Seared black fish with mushroom dumpling on top and then altogether on top of the baby bok choy.

Also a good one for the fish lovers. Seriously…the restaurant got you all covered.

Nicely decorated with red curry broth and lemon grass scented rice cake.

Desserts at last.

Lemon panna sitting on top of the poppy seed dripped in tangerine soup. Very ideal for those who like sweetness.

Look at it, looks cute.

My favourite; chocolate cake with popsicle ice cream gianduja.

Too sweet tho.

Look at the texture of the ice cream…

Another good shot.

This place is also big enough to provide a VIP/private dining area.

The also have a piano sitting in the middle of the restaurant for live performances.

Sorry I forgot take a picture of the stage.

Tables and chairs in the other section.

Well that’s the end to the fabulous dinner.

Happy new year again.

More posts coming!


Personally, $99 x 4 for all that…Not really worth it.

However the food was definitely very satisfying.

If you need to impress someone or celebrate a special occasion, I would recommend Sassafraz for sure.

It is a block away from Bloor, hence a perfect place to go to after heavy duty shopping.

Sassafraz on Urbanspoon
Sassafraz on Restaurantica


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