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[Toronto] E-Pan Chinese Cuisine


369 Spadina Ave
Toronto, ON M5T 2G3

Category: Chinese

E-Pan! I was brought there by my sister and my brother in law. She told me that the restaurant is fairly new (only 4 years) and she has been a loyal customer ever since it opened.

That means we get discounts!

Outside of E-Pan and located in Toronto’s Chinatown.

Since it is all in Mandarin.. I will try to do a good job translating the menu.

They have chalkboards and posters that show their highly recommended dishes and specials.

E-Pan has a special menu where they allow you to create your own combos.

Choices range from 2 plates for $18.95, 3 plates for $27.95, and so on.

The picture contains the dishes that you can choose to create your combo.

Since we only had three people, a combo of 2 was good enough. Not to forget, these combos include a big bowl of soup and desserts for everyone.

A better and clearer shot for those who can read Mandarin.

The food is quite cheap honestly. $18.95 without tax divided by 3 people? Do the math.

Corn and chicken soup.. so freaking good. I love soup fyi.

Our two plates, vegetables and asian-fried beef with onions! For those who are not too familiar with Chinese cuisines, everyone usually order rice or noodles and share a bunch of other plates with each other.

Special Asian drinks. On the left is sweet soy milk! On the right is just…a special type of sweet Asian tea. I guess you call it as Asian pop.

Beef with onions; a closer shot. Tasted pretty decent but I guess it’s because Chinese restaurants usually put a lot of MSG into their food. Nonetheless, it was delicious.

Rice is a must when you dine Asian style. In my opinion, they give you a good amount of rice but like always.. I want more.

Vegetables. Stay healthy and eat your veggies.

Another closer shot.

This is a popular and common desert.. also known as the sweet red bean soup but I’m not a huge fan of it. It all taste the same to me.

Now if you want to eat more luxuriously or eat with more people, there are large pre-planned sets you can go for. For example.. 2 people set for $68 or 6 people set for $168.

Or you can always order regular dishes from the regular menu.

The vicinity of our table.

My sister was getting ready to leave. The restaurant was packed when we came in.

I would definitely recommend E-Pan for those who like fairly cheap Chinese food. Definitely more visits from me in the future.

E-Pan on Urbanspoon
E Pan on Restaurantica


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